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The book that concerns us was purposely called “The Pearl of Great Price,” that term being . . . the designation of a treasure that is both hidden and inexhaustible. Being hidden, it must be searched out and dug up—brought out of the depths by the strenuous and determined efforts of whoever would possess it. Being inexhaustibly vast, it can never cease to be a source of new wonders to the inquiring mind. . . . The Pearl of Great Price is unique among scriptures in that its message is available only to that extent to which God’s children choose to make it so, but at the same time it is capable of conveying knowledge of undreamed of scope and significance.

– Hugh Nibley, “A New Look at the Pearl of Great Price,” Improvement Era, May 1970, 94.

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Enoch’s Teaching Mission: Secret Works, Oaths, and Murders

Book of Moses Insight #9 Moses 6:15 With contribution by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw Download MP3 Here Consistent with the presentation of the biblical gibborim as “mighty warriors,” the Enoch writings found in the Book of Moses describe scenes of wars, bloodshed, and slaughter among the people.1 For example, in Moses

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Mahijah and Mahaway Interrogate Enoch

Book of Moses Insight #8 Moses 6:40 With contribution by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw Download MP3 Here Hugh Nibley has pointed out intriguing similarities between Mahijah in Joseph Smith’s Book of Moses and Mahaway in the Book of Giants, not only in their names but also in their respective roles. He

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Enoch’s Prophetic Commission: Enoch As a Lad

Book of Moses Insight #3 Moses 6:31 With contribution by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw Download MP3 Readers of the Book of Moses have often puzzled over Enoch’s self-description as a “lad” (Moses 6:31), especially in light of the fact that he was at least sixty-five years old at the time (v.

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