Book of Abraham Insights


Shinehah, The Sun

Book of Abraham Insight #16 One of the astronomical terms defined in the Book of Abraham is Shinehah, which is said to be the sun (Abraham 3:13). Earlier

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Abrahamic Astronomy

Book of Abraham Insight #15 The Book of Abraham is noteworthy for its description of so-called Abrahamic astronomy. Chapter 3 of the Book of Abraham, along with Facsimile

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Life of Abraham

Abrahamic Legends and Lore

Book of Abraham Insight #12 As a central figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there are many extra-biblical traditions about the life of the patriarch Abraham. These sources

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Jews in Ancient Egypt

Book of Abraham Insight #11 The Egyptian papyri acquired by Joseph Smith in 1835 can be confidently dated to many centuries after Abraham’s lifetime. Based on a number

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