Book of Abraham Insights


Shinehah, The Sun

Book of Abraham Insight #16 One of the astronomical terms defined in the Book of Abraham is Shinehah, which is said to be the sun (Abraham 3:13). Earlier in the Book of Abraham the “god of Shagreel” is identified as the sun as well (Abraham 1:9). The context of these

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Abrahamic Astronomy

Book of Abraham Insight #15 The Book of Abraham is noteworthy for its description of so-called Abrahamic astronomy. Chapter 3 of the Book of Abraham, along with Facsimile 2, contains this astronomical portrait, which is not always easy to understand. Scholars looking at the text have articulated at least three

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The Ancient Owners of the Joseph Smith Papyri

Book of Abraham Insight #14 Thanks to the work of Egyptologists over the past decades, in addition to knowing what texts the extant Egyptian papyri acquired by Joseph Smith in 1835 contain,1  we also know quite a bit about the ancient owners of the papyri. “From the names, titles, and

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Lion Couch

The Ancient Egyptian View of Abraham

Book of Abraham Insight #13 Some wondering about the Book of Abraham might ask how likely it would have been for the ancient Egyptians to have known anything about the biblical figure Abraham. In fact, evidence survives today indicating that stories about Abraham were known to the ancient Egyptians as

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Life of Abraham

Abrahamic Legends and Lore

Book of Abraham Insight #12 As a central figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there are many extra-biblical traditions about the life of the patriarch Abraham. These sources are important to study because they may contain distant memories of real events in Abraham’s life. It is also interesting to compare

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Jews in Ancient Egypt

Book of Abraham Insight #11 The Egyptian papyri acquired by Joseph Smith in 1835 can be confidently dated to many centuries after Abraham’s lifetime. Based on a number of different criteria, it can be determined that the papyri were written in a period when Egypt was ruled by a dynasty

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Beni Hassan

The Blood of the Canaanites

Book of Abraham Insight #10 The first chapter of the Book of Abraham contains a short detail about the ancestry of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. “Now this king of Egypt was a descendant from the loins of Ham, and was a partaker of the blood of the Canaanites by

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Fac 3

Shulem, One of the King’s Principal Waiters

Book of Abraham Insight #9 Figure 5 in Facsimile 3 of the Book of Abraham is identified as “Shulem, one of the king’s principal waiters.” We don’t know anything more about the man Shulem beyond this brief description as he does not appear in the text of the Book of

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